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28.08.2015 - Young Driver AMR returns to action at Nürburgring

14.06.2015 - Young Driver AMR finishes fourth at Le Mans

12.06.2015 - Young Driver AMR qualifies fifth at Le Mans

10.06.2015 - Not so Young Drivers and their younger “brothers” back at Le Mans

03.05.2015 - Tough weekend at Spa for Young Driver AMR

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10.04.2015 - New challenge starts for Young Driver AMR

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01.01.2015 - Happy new year from Young Driver AMR!

01.12.2014 - World Cup winning season ends with podium finish

27.11.2014 - Young Driver AMR wants to celebrate World Cup in Brazil

15.11.2014 - Young Driver AMR wins World Cup in style

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03.11.2014 - Young Driver AMR finished second in China

29.10.2014 - Young Driver AMR targets podium in China

12.10.2014 - Young Driver AMR wins at Fuji

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22.09.2014 - Young Driver AMR extends championship lead in Texas

17.09.2014 - Young Driver AMR sets target on World Championship

15.06.2014 - Young Driver AMR take victory at 24 hours of the Le Mans

13.06.2014 - Young Driver AMR qualifies third at Le Mans

11.06.2014 - Young Driver AMR takes up the Le Mans challenge

05.05.2014 - Podium finish for Young Driver AMR at Spa

01.05.2014 - “Kiwi” joins Danish Dynamite: Stanaway to race for Young Driver AMR

21.04.2014 - Happy Easter: Young Driver AMR takes back-to-back victory at Silverstone

17.04.2014 - Young Driver AMR ready for 2014 FIA WEC season

28.02.2014 - Young Driver AMR starts into second FIA WEC season

29.01.2014 - Collection for the Allan Simonsen Memorial Fund successfully completed

23.12.2013 - Merry Christmas from Young Driver AMR

01.12.2013 - Young Driver AMR ends début FIA WEC season with victory

28.11.2013 - Young Driver AMR aims to end debut WEC season with victory

10.11.2013 - Early end after dominating performance of Young Driver AMR

06.11.2013 - Young Driver AMR targets podium in China

22.10.2013 - Young Driver AMR takes second World Championship victory

11.10.2013 - Bruno Senna joins Young Driver AMR for Japan

26.09.2013 - eBay auction for Allan Simonsen Memorial Fund

23.09.2013 - Young Driver AMR claims podium in Texas

19.09.2013 - Young Driver AMR takes on Texas

02.09.2013 - Disappointing end after thrilling performance

30.08.2013 - Young Driver AMR targets podium in Brazil

22.08.2013 - Young Driver AMR adds Nicki Thiim for Sao Paulo

02.08.2013 - Young Driver AMR to continue in FIA WEC

03.07.2013 - Note of thanks - Allan Simonsen

28.06.2013 - The Danish Automobile Sports Union sets up memorial foundation for deceased driver Allan Simonsen

23.06.2013 - A tragic fatal accident has devastated the Young Driver AMR team at Le Mans

21.06.2013 - Pole Position for Young Driver AMR at Le Mans

20.06.2013 - 24h Le Mans: Young Driver AMR claims provisional Pole Position

10.06.2013 - Young Driver AMR completes successful Le Mans test

08.06.2013 - Le Mans test day: Dress rehearsal for the „big one“

05.05.2013 - Young Driver AMR strong second in Belgium

02.05.2013 - Young Driver AMR wants the double at Spa

15.04.2013 - Victory first time out!

12.04.2013 - “Danish Dynamite“ in the World Championship

07.04.2013 - Successful test at Sebring

05.02.2013 - Young Driver AMR assault on Le Mans and WEC

15.06.2012 - Young Driver AMR run Aston Martin qualifies third in class at Le Mans

03.06.2012 - Young Driver AMR run Aston Martin tops GTE-AM class at Le Mans-Pretest

12.04.2012 - Young Driver AMR joins forces with Aston Martin Racing

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Young Driver AMR strong second in Belgium

Young Driver AMR leads driver´s and team championship after two rounds

05.05.2013 - GTE

Two six hour races of the FIA World Endurance Championship are in books now and so far, Young Driver AMR and it ´s all Danish driver line up of Christoffer Nygaard, Kristian Poulsen and Allan Simonsen have been the strongest team in the GTE-Am-class. After winning the class at the season opening round at Silverstone/England three weeks ago with the Aston Martin Racing prepared and entered Young Driver AMR-Aston Martin Vantage GTE, the three Danes finished in a strong second position at the second round of the championship at Sp-Francorchamps/Belgium. After two consecutive podium finishes, Young Driver AMR is leading the championship in both the teams and drivers category before the next round, the 24h of Le Mans, which is considered at the pinnacle of endurance racing.
The qualifying session already went perfect for Young Driver AMR/Aston Martin Racing. Nygaard and Simonsen put the V8-powered Aston Martin on class pole in the qualifying. In the race, starting driver Allan Simonsen lead in the opening two laps, before a Ferrari overtook the Dane and went into the class lead. After the first hour of racing, luck wasn’t on the side of Young Driver AMR. Simonsen handed the Aston Martin to Nygaard just before the Safety-Car came out. The class leader pitted during the Safety-Car-period, which gave the Young Driver AMR-Aston Martin a disadvantage of almost one complete lap. Thing didn’t went any better after the restart, when Nygaard was clipped by a Le-Mans-Prototype and spun. Luckily, there was no damage to the pale blue Aston Martin. Nygaard dropped to fourth position, but subsequently fought back to second place. Kristian Poulsen then drove a very strong double stint in the middle part of the race, before single stints of Nygaard and Simonsen concluded the race. After six hours of racing with zero technical troubles, Nygaard/Poulsen/Simonsen finished in second position.
„I’m very satisfied with the result today“, Young Driver AMR´s Jan Struve said after the race. „We have now good points in the bag and are well prepared for Le Mans. Everybody did a perfect job again today, the mechanics, the engineers and the drivers. After Silverstone the team showed again a very strong performance and now we travel now quite optimistic to Le Mans.”

Next stopp for Young Driver AMR: Official test day of the 24h of Le Mans/France, June 9th.
Driver quotes after the race:
Christoffer Nygaard: „The race went a bit too exiting for me, when a LMP-car touched me. But luckily, that didn’t cause damage to our car. Today we didn’t had so much luck as in Silverstone, but proved that we can fight very hard when things are not going our way. We lost some time during the Safety-Car period, but some times you have luck with Safety-Car and sometimes not. Congratulations to the Ferrari boys, there were really quick today. We took good points for second place, one extra point for the pole position and are now ready to attack at Le Mans.”
Kristian Poulsen: “The race was very good today. We had a very fast and consistent race car. Second place is okay, we scored good points and are well prepared for Le Mans now.”
Allan Simonsen: „It was an really interesting race. The Ferrari is obviously very fast now, and we have a little bit of work to do before Le Mans. But we are leading the championship. Today, the Ferrari was just faster, I think they didn’t show everything at the last round at Silverstone.”
Result 6 hours of Spa-Francorchamps, GTE-Am-class:
1. Potolicchio/Malucelli/Aguas (Ferrari 458 Italia)

2. Nygaard/Poulsen/Simonsen (Aston Martin Racing/Young Driver AMR-Aston Martin Vantage GTE)

3. Rees/Bornhauser/Canal (Corvette)

4. Goethe/Hall/Campbell-Walter, (Aston Martin Vantage GTE)

5. Ried/Roda/Ruberti (Porsche 911)

FIA Endurance Trophy for GTE-Am-Teams:
1. Young Driver AMR/Aston Martin Racing (#95 Aston Martin Vantage GTE), 44 pts.
2. 8Star Motorsports (Ferrari), 40 pts
3. Larbre Competition (Corvette), 33 pts

FIA Endurance Trophy for GTE-Am-Drivers:
1. Nygaard/Poulsen/Simonsen (Aston Martin), 44 pts
2. Potolicchio/Aguas (Ferrari), 40 pts
3. Rees/Canal/Bornhauser (Corvette), 33 pts